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The Game Plan: Professional Project Management With Roam rBook

Hello fellow Roamans!

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the intro or pre-ordered. Here's the plan:

The Believers and those who purchased the rBook will get access to the Roam graph I'm using to write this rBook

I'll send a message every time a chapter is completed.

I'll organize weekly Zoom for the Believers

You will learn together with other Believers by using each tool for a real project of yours. The tool's chapter will guide you.

  • I'll organize two Zoom sessions per week (Thu/Fri depending on your timezone), one for Americas/Oceania and one for Asia/EMEA
  • There is also an asynchronous option
  • Each session will be one pomodoro of co-working in Zoom, using that week's chapter (I'll be on standby over, both via DM and in the channel #project-management to answer your questions), followed by live Q&A.

Here's the schedule

Week 1 (open to everyone): introduction work session and Q&A. Registration: 

If the schedule is inconvenient for you, just go though Part 1 of the book ( and post your questions in the #project-management channel of 

Week 2 onwards (for Believers): weekly Zoom session

I'll send calendar invites to the emails you used in Gumroad.

This is an experimental training style, so please expect adjustments.

See you next week!

Kahlil Corazo (@Roamfu)

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