rBook: Professional Project Management With Roam v1.0 + How to Turn Ideas Into Reality

Kahlil Corazo
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Table of contents of Professional Project Management with Roam

  • 🧭 Prologue | Why I Wrote This rBook: Project Management Freed Me From the Mental Prison of the Pandemic
  • 🧭 Preface | Reading Routes, Encouragements and Acknowledgements
  • 🧭 Chapter 1 | Why Learn Professional Project Management
  • 🧭 Chapter 2 | When To Use (And Not Use) These Project Management Tools
  • 🧭 Chapter 3 | 10 Project Management Problems and 10 Project Management Tools
  • 🧭 Chapter 4 | Project Management Work Best Done With Roam
  • 🧰 Chapter 5 | The Heart of Project Management: The WBS
  • 🧰 Chapter 6 | Aligning Your Stakeholders, Your Team and Your Future Selves: The Project Charter
  • 🧰 Chapter 7 | Get Support, Get Work Done and Get Lucky: Stakeholder Communications
  • 🧰 Chapter 8 | How to Not Fail: The RBS and The Risk Register
  • 🧰 Chapter 9 | Designing Serendipity: How to Systematically Get Lucky
  • 🧰 Chapter 10 | Schedule Management = Focus Management
  • 🧰 Chapter 11 | People Will Make or Break Your Project: Leading a Team
  • 🧰 Chapter 12: Project-driven Stallion\Rider Productivity
  • 🧭 Epilogue: Atomic Project Management
  • ➕ Appendix 1 | A Breakdown of The Project Manager's Work
  • ➕ Appendix 2 | Exercises
  • ➕ Appendix 3 | Notes on [[🧰 Chapter 9 | Designing Serendipity: How to Systematically Get Lucky]]
  • ➕ Appendix 4 | Notes on [[🧰 Chapter 11 | People Will Make or Break Your Project: Leading a Team]]

How to Turn Ideas Into Reality

Our job as entrepreneurs and creators is to turn ideas into reality.

Many of these ideas require more than the core work of our craft. In order to manifest these ideas in the world, we need to pull together varied types of work, possibly from many individuals, and bring them to harmony.

This orchestration of work is the age-old practice of project management.

Atomic Project Management brings together the "minimum effective dose" of project management tools for entrepreneurs and self-employed creators: enough to help us orchestrate work but not too much that it distracts us from our actual job: building the business or practicing our craft.

The project management approach of this book is atomic not only in the minimalist sense. There is an ideal approach for each kind of project. Similar to how complex organisms are ultimately made of a few kinds of atoms, these varied approaches to different kinds of projects comprise a handful of simple tools. The goal of this book is to teach you these tools.

Since this book is written for entrepreneurs and independent creators, it includes chapters not found in most project management books. For instance, Chapter 5: Cultivating Serendipity. Unlike full-time project managers, we have the power to start, end or change our projects at any time. This gives us the freedom to pivot toward unexpected good fortune. How do we increase our chances of getting lucky? How can we be more ready to pursue good fortune? In this chapter, I share the serendipity playbook I have compiled over the years.

A concern I frequently hear from people I train is how to persevere in their projects. In Chapter 9, I share tools for managing motivation. In Chapter 10, I share my journey from “wartime productivity” to “peacetime productivity.” The key to more creative and impactful projects is not to become a productivity robot. It is to understand and embrace our humanity.

- Kahlil Corazo

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rBook: Professional Project Management With Roam v1.0 + How to Turn Ideas Into Reality

5 ratings
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